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Eastern Testing and Inspection is not just a great company, it is a great place to work too. If you are in need of a postion in the field of Non-Destructive Testing and have any of the following certifications please fill out our online job application at the bottom of the cerification list.

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Description of Opportunities

Certified Welding Inspector

A certified welding inspector performs visual inspections and tests on welded steel pieces to be used in the construction of buildings, bridges and other structures. They must be able to notice possible welding defects, use test and measuring instruments, and monitor any repairs to faulty welds.

RT Level 2 (Radiographer)

The Level II Radiographer performs industrial radiography and reports findings for clients throughout the central region of the United States; conducts pipeline inspections, above ground tank inspections and fabrication inspections; interprets and evaluates inspection results; creates daily reports. May be responsible for guidance and on-the-job training of Trainees and RT Assistants.

MT Level 2 (Magnetic Particle)

A Magnetic Particle Inspector is responsible for detecting surface and near surface flaws and defects. An MPI uses magnetic fields and small magnetic particles similar to iron filings to detect flaws in components.

UTt Level 2 (Ultrasonic Testing)

A UTt level 2 is skilled in the understanding the application of compression waves in routine thickness measurement. (Digital readout and/or A-scan presentation)

DT Level 2 (Dye Penetrant Testing)

A DT level 2 is versed in the application of standard penetrant materials using solvent or water washable, visible, or fluorescent techniques

Ultrasonic Shear Wave

Ultasonic shear wave uses standard ultrasonic equipment with compression and shear waves to test for thickness or flaws in materials and welds, or to check for disbonding or laminations.