Our Services

Non Destructive Testing Services offered by Eastern Testing and Inspection.

  • Fusion Joint Inspection
  • Radiographic Testing
  • Ultrasonic Testing
  • Magnetic Particle Testing
  • Dye Penetrant
  • Visual Inspection
  • Pipes and Powelines

Pipes and Powerstations

Pipeline integrity solutions for powerplant operators for rehabilitation and replacement of pipes as needed.

Ultrasonic Testing

Using standard ultrasonic equipment with compression and shear waves to test for thickness or flaws in materials and welds, or to check for disbonding or laminations.

Radiographic Testing

Applicable to film interpretation of radiographs, evaluation of the radiographic Method, and overall evaluation of radiographic film to applicable codes and standards acceptance criteria.

Magnetic Particle Testing

Application of standard magnetic particle examinations on ferromagnetic materials utilizing yokes, prods, or coils and dry particles or wet fluorescent techniques

Dye Penetrant Testing

Application of standard penetrant materials using solvent or water washable, visible, or fluorescent techniques.

Visual Inspection Testing

Applicable for dimensional inspection of machined parts, and general fabrication, repair, or alteration of petrochemical equipment, structures, and piping components.

fusion joint inspection

Fusion Joint Inspection

Pipeline operators and fusion welding technicians.

Strategic Areas of Service

As a business we excel in NDT logistics based on our high level services

High Level Logistics

Project Management
We work on every project effectively utilizing process control that ensures client and company procedures are adhered to. We strive to meet all requirements and reasonable expectations of both internal and external customers to ensure client satisfaction. Our team is equipped with both knowledge and application of Industry Operating Procedures with years of experience in Non-destructive testing processes. We quickly and effectively identify, evaluate and resolve problems while mitigating potential risk.


Project Analytics
As part of our analytical approach our NDT coordinator are skilled in the following areas: planning of NDT activities; budgeting; verification of NDT documentation; preparation of project specifications; auditing of NDT subcontractors; coordination of NDT verifications/qualifications; coordination of inspection activities; monitor laybarge progress to identify opportunities for improvement. preparation of close out reports; review journals and technical papers for new NDT technology; maintain contact with NDT equipment suppliers and consumable vendors to promote advances in NDT technology.

To provide technical expertise on all NDT matters as required on projects our NDT engineers are responsible for the following: Assist and support the NDT coordinator or the project teams on all NDT matters; Provide NDT procedures for assigned project; Review clients' specifications and scopes of work; Ensure that records are maintained for all NDT activities to demonstrate achievement of client requirements; Maintain departmental project NDT files so that information is readily available to other department members.


Professional Quality Approach
  • ETI's clients include the finest companies…from the Fortune 500 to leading local firms.
  • ETI is committed to taking care of its employees and clients
  • ETI works on landmark projects locally
  • ETI offers competitive compensation and benefits package, along with performance-based incentives.
  • ETI’s staff are leaders in industry and client organizations.
  • ETI provides technical training.
  • ETI supports certification, licensing and continuing education resources.
  • ETI recognizes and rewards performance and results.
  • ETI shares information and communicates with its employees and clients frequently.
  • ETI provides a professional, challenging and fun place to work.